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Rooms on Regent's Park

The perfect venue for conferences, meetings, events and private dining...



Toss the corn in a little olive oil and lightly season. Roast on 200’C until lightly golden brown. Transfer to the robot coup and blend with the garlic, taco seasoning and the sour cream. Make sure it is not super smooth but is still a little chunky. Set aside for service.


Mixed all ingredients together gently and season to taste.


Blend the turtle bean in the food processor with the vegetable stock until smooth and season to taste.


Peel the sweet potato then over a bowl continue using the peeler to create ribbons of raw sweet potato the whole length of the sweet potato until the whole potato is used. Rinse the ribbons until water runs clear, drain and pat dry gently with paper towel.

Plunge quickly into a deep fryer that is set and preheated to 170’C until the sweet potato appears top start to colour. Take out of the oil and drain quickly onto paper towel. Sprinkle with a little salt, this will help soak up the last of the oil that remains on the crisps. Set aside.


Now for the fun part. To assemble your nachos. In a large cast iron lasagne dish sprinkle your sweet potato crisps evenly, place the black mole right into the middle and  sprinkle over your cheese evenly and place under the grill for approx. 5-8 mins until the cheese has melted. Pull out the dish and pile on a generous amount of guacamole and creamed corn. Jalapenos and extra cheese optional. Dig in and enjoy!!!!

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